A Career Without Limits

At Keller Williams, real estate agents are taught how to build a real estate business, and are introduced to real estate professionals who need talent for their own businesses. 
Recognizing that most every role is a growth opportunity for the next role, talented agents and staff members are provided with Career Visioning training and mastermind events that they may voluntarily participate in. 

With locations in both West Chester and in State College, the Paul Lott Team is uniquely situated to help you find your best fit in a real estate career. 

Opportunities in real estate include but are not limited to inside and outside sales, marketing, operations management, executive management, coaching and recruiting, and financial management. Many of the roles are salary based, some are salary + bonus, and most sales roles have unlimited commission potential. 

As Expansion Director for The Paul Lott Real Estate Team, Amanda's role is to identify talent for the real estate business. In the process of meeting with individuals, opportunities could be recommended for the team in Pennsylvania, in North America, or any of the other 20+ global regions where Keller Williams has a presence. Contact Amanda directly to initiate your Career Visioning at Keller Williams. 

If you are interested in a career with a company that has shared over $1 billion profit with its agents, contact me directly. 

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This process will get you a direct human introduction to hiring managers in a Keller Williams Market Center.


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If a career without limits is a dream of yours, I would love to help you achieve it.